Create A Safe And Secure Return

The Challenge

What if you had an unwanted house that you couldn’t sell because it was upside down, or it was simply going to cost too much to sell? With a couple of smart techniques, we can turn a ‘bad penny’ into a something that gives you solid returns every month like clockwork. Watch the video to see one example you can use for yourself. You’ll see that by taking your unwanted property and selling it with owner financing, you become the bank.

The Solution

Even if you have an existing mortgage on the property, you can use an All Inclusive Trust Deed, also known as a ‘wrapped’ mortgage, or a Contract For Deed that allows you to sell the property with your underlying note as part of the deal. Everyone has to be informed that the bank has the right to call the loan due if they don’t like it, but we’ve found that most banks like being paid on a mortgage that was headed for default.

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