How It Works

We don’t sell your house. We BUY IT!

What is the Home Buyout Program?

  • Get you a free offer in 48 hours or less
  • Move when you want
  • No showings (Woo Hoo!)
  • No repairs or upgrade costs
  • No cost for paperwork
  • Customizable schedule to fit your needs
  • Create a secure monthly income from an existing home without a reverse mortgage

Traditional Sale

  • Little flexibility
  • Fixed move-out date
  • Inconvenient showings to multiple strangers
  • No guarantee on closing
  • Agent fees
  • Process can take months
  • Appraisers that downgrade the asking price

Common Reasons Why People Contact Us

  • We’ve inherited a house we need to sell!
  • My tenants are driving me crazy and damaging the house
  • We’ve got a mooching friend/family member is living in my home and won’t leave
  • Too many repairs needed and it’s too expensive
  • No longer working and can’t afford to pay the mortgage anymore
  • Need to downsize into a care facility and must have cash/secured monthly income
  • Unhappy being a landlord, and want to be free of the hassles
  • The house is too big, and we need to downsize
  • Don’t want to pay agent commissions for something I can do myself
  • We’re private and don’t want people parading through the home at multiple showings
  • Divorcing and must sell to settle the case
  • Must move to a new location and can’t manage a home from afar