Frequently Asked Questions

Nancy Conrad

Nancy Conrad


If you’re selling real estate yourself, and you are looking for a no-hassle way to sell that doesn’t involve commissions, repairs and endless property showings, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, Nancy answers the most asked questions from people she works with who want to know how selling a house to a direct buyer is different from marketing a house with a real estate agent.

Basically, your agent is not going to make your payments, fix up your house, or take responsibilities for upkeep while you’re trying to sell. That’s exactly what some sellers need, right?

Nancy Conrad has been buying real estate for many years. She started like a lot of people: by doing fix&flip deals. But she added buy-and-hold properties as years went by. Nancy also buys mortgages directly from lenders using self directed IRA funds, and she manages a portfolio of properties from her Phoenix office.



How much do you charge?

Zero. Zip. Nada. There is no fee to the home seller for what we do.

How does working with work?

We’ve made it easy. To get an offer, all you have to do is submit some basic information on the website submission form. Once you hit SUBMIT, your info will be sent (privately!) by email to me and me alone. I’ll give you a call to chat about your home and your situation just as soon as I’ve had a chance to review. Working with me is easy, low pressure, and is guaranteed to be a quick and easy way to sell your house without endless showings, talking with bunches of people and taking phone calls that waste your time.

Do you pay fair market value? Do you use an appraisal? How do you determine the price you're willing to pay?

We take into consideration comparable local sales, the condition of the home, cost of any repairs and all the things we need to do to make the house attractive to our buyers. (We love that part!) That helps me determine the best price I can pay to you. We’ve been at this a while, we understand the market, and we’ve been able to put together win-win outcomes that should

I see a lot of We Buy Houses signs along the road. Looks sketchy. How do I know this is legit?

Yup, some of them actually are legit, but you can’t tell by looking at them because they are so ugly! They are an inexpensive way for newbie investors to connect with buyers. We don’t use them. Further, we always close our transactions with an attorney or a title or escrow company that is subject to state, federal and local regulations for real estate. It’s the same process used by real estate agents, except without the fees.

Does it matter if I have a Realtor?

It could. I don’t pay agent commissions when we buy, and if your agreement with your agent doesn’t include your ability to sell the home yourself to a buyer they did not find for you, then you may need to cancel your listing agreement. We love agents, though, and we have one on our team to help us sell homes that we’ve purchased.

Do you only buy houses? Or will you buy condos, mobile homes or other types of properties

Houses are the most popular with our buyers, but we buy all types of real estate, including multi family. We’ll even occasionally buy raw land.


What if I have my property rented?

That shouldn’t be a problem! We’ll want to see your rental agreement since that will stay in place even after you’ve sold. If it’s a family member, we can take care of making arrangements with them so you don’t have to. This situation often happens when a generous senior citizen allows younger family members to move in for no or low cost, but they can no longer afford the arrangement. No worries! We’ve got it handled.

What if I am behind on payments?

It’s not always a problem, as long as the home isn’t facing immediate foreclosure – and even then, we’ve been able to solve that problem. If you owe more than the home is worth we have ways of avoiding a short sale that can keep your credit from being hurt.  We can’t save every house from foreclosure, but we have lots of solutions to put to work that may help you.

Do I have to make repairs on my property?

No, we’re happy to take on a home in its current condition. You’re off the hook for spending any money on rehabs or staging, since that’s what we’ll take care of for you.


Are you a licensed real estate agent?

I’m not – but we have a licensed real estate agent on our team for when we sell to a new buyer. We’re not looking to list your home and make a commission; we’re looking to buy your property.

What does it mean that you're a verified vendor? is an organization that helps seniors who are downsizing or need to move because of changing needs. The organization certifies and verifies vendors who are only approved if they operate by their high standards.

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